A Love Letter: to my little boy…

When The Lord gave you to me, He knew I would need you.  He knew that the comfort I seek by times can only be found in those beautiful blue eyes staring back up at me.  That I would find solace when you wrap your tiny fingers through mine when we are out and about, simply walking in the grocery store, down the sidewalk in town, or  up the steps to his daycare home each morning.  That I would find laughter as you run across the room in super-hero fashion yelling “SUPER MAN”.   Cheerleader excitement for you as you count to ten and then spell your name.  And shortness of breath as I run around the living room playing tag with you.

You fill my days with chatter and questions I never knew possible a two year old would ask….but then again, you’ve always been smarter than you should be.  You challenge me in so many ways, keep me on my toes, make me laugh. You love the Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, books, flashlights, cookies, making “tents”, and all things planes.  My dear Bryce, you are so very “two.” You have the most endearing way of nodding your head solemnly when I ask you something, and an equally adorable way of laughing a shouted Yes! when you are particularly excited.  You love to look up to your Daddy, snuggle with me, chase Cooper and hang out with your little buddy friends and big cousin Ty.  There is not much that gets you down.  And not much that a kiss from me can’t heal.  Your middle names are Myles and Michael.  And already you live up to those names more than you will ever know.

My little bernie, you mean the world to me.  I can’t tell you how much of my heart you actually do fill up, but I can tell you how enormously empty it would be if I didn’t have you.  I love being a Mommy to a little boy.  Your imagination, your sense of wonder. Everyday holds a little bit of magic and I am loving getting to see life through your own eyes.  Thnk you for being you.  And thank you for bringing me back 25 years to my childhood, almost every day.  i love you.


I was inspired to write this love letter when I came across the FB page “The World Needs More Love Letters.”  With today’s fast-paced world, letters are a personalized way to stay in touch with your child.  Write a love note and leave it in your child’s lunch box.  Or inside his winter coat pocket.  Or underneath his pillow.  Write a love note and mail it to your Mom.  Your sister.  Your dad.  Leave one in your hubby’s coat sleeve.  I promise, it will make their day :)  Live a life sealed with love.